Use This Technique To Get Anything In Life

Don’t waste time on the internet

Stop reading all the advice on the internet. They are no good.

You  want to run your first marathon? Start running today and keep running everyday. The long form articles on running blogs are not going to help. They’re just a waste of time and energy.

You want to be productive, just start working.

You want to build a successful blog, start writing articles that are awesome. Spending hours reading the blogs of marketing experts are not going to help. You should rather spend that time writing articles on your blog.

Want to make money in the stock market? Start investing real money, instead of reading the blogs of so called technical analysis experts.

You may not realize it but most of the times, we read blog posts not to educate ourselves, but to entertain ourselves. I used to read medium articles daily to increase my productivity. But you know what? I ended up wasting my entire time reading articles instead of producing results.

Medium articles are addictive. They give you pleasure. And so are the articles on the topic of your passion or your goal.

You’ll get results only by working on your project. Reading about them is not going to help.

Reading quality books is certainly going to help

If you’re new to investing, I would suggest you to read “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. It will strengthen your core.

If you want to learn Technical Analysis, I would recommend you “Technical Analysis” by Martin J. Pring. It will give you a sound footing on Technical Analysis.

If you want to learn Hypnotherapy, I would suggest you to read “Hypnotherapy” by Dave Elman. This is the best book on the subject.

These books are considered bibles in their respective disciplines. If you begin your study with these books, you shall have a healthy start. However, if you try to learn things from the internet then you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of information available there. Moreover, they are not organized properly.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t refer to the internet at all? Certainly not. You can use the internet to find things that you’re unable to get from the books.

But don’t use the internet to get inspiration or motivation. Real motivation comes from working on your own project. If  you derive motivation by reading the success stories of others then you shall soon become addicted to it. Worse, you’ll be so consumed by it that you’ll never to time to create your own success story.

The technique to get anything in life

Start working on your project today itself and work on it everyday. You’ll have this tendency to read more about to topic and research more about it. But don’t make it a priority.

Your first priority should be to work on your stuff you want to achieve. After working on it, if you get time before going to bed, then you can read about it. Even in that case, a good book should be your first priority and reading a blog post should be your last.

There are certain things, you can’t learn from the book. For example dancing. You need to watch YouTube videos to learn to dance. But binge watching dance videos is not going to help. You need to watch  a video and then practice it.

You need to work on it long enough

Do not expect to build awesome things in just a couple of months. Awesome things take time to build. People are impatient by nature. They want results immediately. People want to see muscles on the first day they hit the gym.

Bloggers want to build a successful blog in just a couple of months. No doubt, they give their body and soul during those first two months. But, when they don’t see the expected results, they give up.

Success is a marathon. It’s not a sprint. You want to see success, then you have got to work on it long enough. Don’t expect to surprise the world in a day. Work on your stuff each day for several months. And one day, the world will be surprised. It will call you a magician because you accomplished something impossible.

Some of them will also call you “Lucky” because they haven’t seen your hard work. But that doesn’t matter. You didn’t do it to impress others. You did it for yourself.

Finally things that are not going to help you

Don’t waste your time doing the following things to accomplish your goal:

  • Reading productivity articles
  • Discussing with friends
  • Doing yoga to improve concentration
  • Doing Creative Visualization
  • Attending motivational seminars
  • Surfing the internet to get inspiration
  • Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

In short, don’t waster your time. Instead use it work on your project.

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