She Did Not Build a Single Backlink But Her Site Is Getting 1 Million Page Views/Year From Google

She had just delivered her child. It was a cesarean operation.

She informed her HOD (Head of Department) that she would be on leave for the next couple of months.

Her HOD, who happened to be her guide as well, agreed.

After 2 months, she returned to pursue her PhD, but had little idea what was in store for her.

Her guide was no longer the HOD.

A new HOD was appointed in his place.

A Dream Crushed

This new HOD made it his mission to torture her mentally each & every day.

He would ask her, every day, why was she absent for the last couple of months.

And she would say that she was not absent. She took an official leave from the previous HOD.

He would then call her irresponsible & careless.

This thing happened every day for several days.

Unable to take it any more, she approached the Dean for help. But the Dean seemed to had made up his mind already.

The Dean said that complaining against her HOD could adversely affect her PhD career. It was definitely not an advice. It was a threat.

Now she had two choices:

  • Swallow the insults every day
  • Quit her PhD

She went for the second option.

She was a brilliant engineer & had the opportunity to join MNCs after her BTech, but she decided to pursue her passion for teaching instead.

Now she knew that her only hope had been brutally crushed.

She Built a Machine That Reaches Half a Million Students Per Year

She found a different path to pursue her passion.

She decided to teach electronics online for free.

She started a blog and named it

But there was a problem – She did not know anything about SEO.

Guess what?

She did not give a damn about SEO.

See her traffic stats below.

Traffic Without Backlinks

Her Brain Was Her Keyword Research Tool

She started writing articles which she thought would be helpful to students pursuing Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

Instead to using any keyword research tool she asked herself the following questions:

  • What would I type on Google if I wanted to learn about a particular topic?
  • What questions are generally asked in exams?
  • Why would a student prefer an online article over a text book?
  • What are those topics that are not taught properly in colleges?

Concepts like On-Page SEO & Off-page SEO were foreign to her. She completely depended on her brain to carve out article headings.

She wrote headings like these:

What is a Transistor? Describe the transistor action in detail. Explain the operation of transistor as an amplifier. “

What is a semiconductor? Discuss the effect of temperature on semiconductors. Describe the mechanism of hole current flow in a semiconductor.

Write short notes on clipping circuit and clamping circuit

If you click on any of the above links, you will be shocked to see the URLs.

Within a few days she started to rank on the first page of Google for the following keywords:

  • “transistor action”
  • “effect of temperature on semiconductor”
  • “clipping circuit and clamping circuit”

She was ranking for the “long tail keywords”, without knowing what a long tail was.

She knew nothing about backlinks & built none for her site, yet she was ranking on the first page of Google for most keywords.

How Did She Manage To Get Millions of Organic Visitors Without a Single Backlink

She did this by asking the right questions.

  • What would I type on Google if I wanted to learn about a particular topic?
  • What questions are generally asked in exams?
  • Why would a student prefer an online article over a text book?
  • What are those topics that are not taught properly in colleges?

All this time she was thinking about just one thing:

” How can I help my students in the best way?”

Her intention was not to get a ton of traffic from Google. All she wanted was to help her students get answers to the most important questions.

She wanted to solve problems that she faced as a student.

Her prime concern was to help her students. And she did whatever she could with the available knowledge.

A less concerned blogger with SEO knowledge would have asked the following questions:

  • which are the high volume keywords for the electronics niche
  • how many backlinks would I need to rank this particular keyword
  • what strategy should I adopt to build backlinks
  • Should I try Black Hat or White Hat
  • What should be the content length to beat my competitor

I am not saying that, asking the above mentioned, questions is wrong.

I am questioning here the intention of the blogger.

Your questions reflect your intention. If it is all about backlinks, then the only thing that matters to you is traffic.

However, if your intention is to provide value & to help genuinely, then your questions would be different. They would be more focused on the content.

She knew nothing about SEO yet she beat her smartest competitors because she spent hours creating the most comprehensive content for her students.

She never thought that she was writing blog posts. She wrote them as if she were writing exam notes for her students. She thought that the career of her students depended on her notes & missing out on any piece of important information was simply unthinkable.

Her dedication was unquestionable.

By the way! Did I forget to tell you her name?

Her name is Sasmita.

She couldn’t complete her PhD, but Professors consult her to clear their doubts.

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