This is one of the greatest lessons I have learnt in Life

I worked so hard and I worked so long, yet I didn’t see the kind of success I always expected. Why?

I found the answer when I analyzed my life in retrospect. What I found would be helpful to you as well. Hence, I wouldn’t take much of your time and will come to the point right away.

Stick to just one thing if you want to see grand success in your life

Start a blog and stick to it. Don’t jump around starting new ones now and then. Or, else you will end up regretting why didn’t you just stick to the first one.

Well, that’s a personal experience.

In the last several years, I’ve started and dropped several websites. Had I stuck to just any one of them, till now, the story of my life would have been immensely different.

People say that there is no point in regretting. However, I think there is advantage in regretting if you learn from your regret.

I hate self pity and this article is certainly not about it. This article is about learning from past mistakes.

No one was born mature and I am no different.

My mistake was that I dabbled in many things. Almost all of them bore fruit, but I was not satisfied with the quantity of fruits they bore and I did not have the patience of waiting for them to grow more.

In fact, I used to think that if they can’t bear more fruits in short time, then they can’t bear fruits in the long time . This thinking was flawed.

The grass on the other side always looks greener but don’t fall for that trap

In my first blog was a tutorial website. It taught people about technology and coding. However, I thought that it would be better if I just started a personal finance blog.

So, I started a personal finance blog. It was doing good, until I became greedy and started another personal finance blog with an EMD (Exact Match Domain). The effect of EMD was seen soon and I started getting lots of traffic all of a sudden. I deleted my first personal finance blog, which was actually doing quite good.

Everything was fine, till a major Google update struck the EMD sites. I was one of them.

Now instead of trying to recover from Google impact I just deleted the website.

Then I started a viral website whose biggest source of traffic was Facebook. This one was the most successful website, I ever created. However, as Facebook reduced organic reach, I suffered a drop in traffic.

Now, I committed one more blunder. I sold my website.

After this event I created and deleted many websites. But one thing happened that surprised me.

One website, a tutorial blog, became more successful than my viral website (the one I sold). I never expected this website to do so good. I was surprised at its success.

I pondered why this one became so successful. Then I found the answer.

The stuck to this site longer than any of my websites.

See, I never expected this website to do good. Yet this was my most successful website.

And, the only reason this happened was because I did not give up on this one.

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