This is how time changes human beings

As long as you are living, you’re learning. Maybe you learn things after you die, but that learning can not to put to use in this world, hence, I shall not be discussing post-death learning.

Each day brings with it special circumstances in your life. While you face these circumstances, in order to survive, you actually evolve in the process. This evolution, not only changes you forever, but also teaches you stuff.

Depending upon the events happening on a particular day, the extent to which you evolve could be great or micro. Hence the learnings could be great or micro. But one thing is for sure; not a single day passes, without you learning a stuff or two.

Each day is composed of several events. Each of theses events teach you so many things. Some of the things that you learn would be obvious. Others would be picked up by your subconscious mind. And each learning changes you as a person forever.

Today, you’re a different person from the one you were yesterday. Because the things that you learnt between yesterday and today, have changed you to become a different person. The difference might be subtle. But one thing is for sure, that you are no longer the person you used to be.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I don’t know. Seriously, I really don’t know.

Maybe sometimes, it is for the better and sometimes it is for the worse.

Time never changes alone, it changes you with itself. The impact it has on you is huge if the time difference is huge. You are a completely different person than the one you used to be twenty years ago. However, you may be infinitesimally different from the person you were a few hours earlier. However, sometimes, even a few minutes of events can change a person forever.

Traumatic events bring special circumstances into the lives or people. Life threatening events evolve people to a great extent. These are just examples of those events that may last from a few minutes to several years. But, the impact they have on an individual is colossal.

A good example is the case of those people who survived the concentration camps. The humiliation, hardships and threats they suffered in the concentration camps evolved them into totally new human beings. Some of them became stronger than ever and understood love and forgiveness at a higher plane. On the other hand, there were people who entered the concentration camps as humans and came out as monsters.

Time changes people, because when time changes, circumstances change too. And with every new circumstance the existence of an individual is challenged. And the things that an individual does to maintain his existence evolve him.

The things that he did to survive yesterday has evolved him to a new being today.

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