How To Build A Site That No One Can Compete With

I want to build a site that addresses a problem  no one has addressed earlier. It should address a problem that’s pretty big. However, I am unable to understand what problem could it be that’s not been addressed by anyone online.

  • People can find things online with the help of Google
  • People remain in touch with friends and relatives with the help of Facebook
  • People can buy things online from Amazon
  • People can watch stuff online on YouTube & Netflix
  • And there are thousands of other sites that address thousands of other problems or issues

I just don’t want to build another search engine or another online shopping portal. I want to build something that no one has build and no one can build.

What could be the kind of site that no one can compete with

If I start a news site, that’s brings news about a particular niche that no one has covered, then in a few years people will notice and start a news site on the same particular niche. I don’t want that kind of competition.

I want to build something, that people can’t imagine could be build and when it is built by me, they shouldn’t have any clue as to how could this be built. And building something anyway similar to it would require thousands of intelligent engineers and billions of dollars in venture funding.

What could be such a site?

It would be a site that is Intelligent

Right now most of the sites, we use, are the ones whose job is to retrieve pre-loaded information.

In the best case scenario, the site runs an algorithm to match the user query with it’s existing database and returns the results that’s most likely to make the user happy. However, none of the sites is actually understanding what the user actually wants.

Sites are like machines. They can’t understand you. You’ve to understand them and carve your query in such a manner that it understands you. This has to change.

If you can build a site that understands the user then the revolution has begun.

As of now, I don’t see any site that understands the user. Of-course there are a few chatbots out there, but they just mimic intelligence. Actually, they are not intelligent.

By mimicking intelligence they were able to pass Turing tests, but that doesn’t mean that they are intelligent. They are like professional magicians who create an illusion of magic but actually are not magicians. They can’t actually make a thing disappear or appear however, they can create illusions that make people believe.

We don’t need sites that mimic intelligence. We need sites that are actually intelligent.

The reason why we are unable to build intelligent sites

An intelligent website could only be built by a scientist or a team of scientists, whose main motivation would be creation of something awesome. However, the main motivation behind website creators these days, is money.

Anyone who is just after money can’t have the patience that’s required to build an intelligent site. The desire for money creates a sense of urgency. The urgency of releasing the product as soon as possible.

It’s really strange. Your original motivation is to make money, but to make money you need a different kind of motivation – The motivation to create something awesome.

We, human beings are awesome. We have created stuffs that were conceived to be impossible earlier. And I don’t even have to mention the examples here.

I believe that we can build an intelligent machine. A machine that understands us. A machine that thinks like us. A machine that can anticipate  what we are about to speak. A machine that understands emotions. A machine that can create.

What would happen if an intelligent website is built

If such an intelligent website is built, people wouldn’t have to use search engines for most of their activities because the intelligent site would understand the requirement of the user immediately and would provide results accordingly.

Let us consider the example of an intelligent site that offers career counselling services. Here the conversation would take place something like this:

User : What should I do after completing my studies?

AI : You mean to earn money?

User: Yup.

AI : You can either take up a job or offer consultancy or start your own business.

User : What kind of consultancy can I provide?

AI : Well, that depends on the skills you have. Could you tell me about some of your skills so that I can guide you in a better way.

User: I can do SEO.

AI: You mean Search Engine Optimization?

User : Yup

AI : Well, you can start a Digital Marketing Agency that helps websites get organic traffic. 

User : Wow…You’re really cool.

AI : Thanks.

Compare the above conversation with the following:

  • User searching career options in Google
  • User asking for suggestions on Quora
  • User asking questions on career forums

The experience a user would get while interacting with an AI (Artificially Intelligent) machine will be far superior to the current alternatives.

You think Google is cool. Well, Yellow Pages was once cool too. Look where it is now. Google knows that its future is in building artificially intelligent search engines. In its current form Google can only survive till the moment an intelligent site comes up.

The moment, world sees an intelligent website, Google would be the first to get a heart attack.

The next big thing is not internet of things. It is artificially intelligent things.

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