How To Become The Best Blogger in India

The target of becoming the best blogger is a bit subjective, because people have different criteria for judging that position:

  • How much traffic is coming to your site
  • How much money is your site making
  • How influential is your blog

The above is not an exhaustive list, however most blogs are judged on the basis of the above three criteria.

The road to becoming the best blogger in India

I have written this post keeping the Indian audience in mind. Hence, I’ll be saying a few things that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. That’s because most sites out there tell you how to become the best blogger in the world. I don’t say that their way is wrong. They are not at all wrong, however, their solution is a generalized one. And I am providing you with a solution that is tailor made for you. Continue reading “How To Become The Best Blogger in India”

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us

If you can build a machine that understands humans then how could it be of any benefit to humans?

We all want to build a super-intelligent machine, but why do we want to build it in the first place? If you want answers to your questions you could ask it to any human. Why would you bother asking it to an AI. Maybe there could be some questions that humans can’t answer. Or, maybe there are certain questions that you can’t ask another human.

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How To Get Traffic in 2017

Ten years ago, building traffic to your blog was cake walk. Now, it’s like walking on red hot coals. It burns and the walking becomes very difficult. The problem aggravates if you’re just counting on Google to help you out.

Like most bloggers, if you too depend on just one source of traffic, then you’re building a sand castle on a beach which could be wiped any day when the tide changes. And we all know that tides change.

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Lessons to learn from your money problems

You’re working on something big. It will, probably, take an year before showing any results. You are determined to give your best and not to get swayed away for the low hanging fruits. You have decided not to compromise on your commitment. This project demands your undivided attention. And you’re doing good actually, when all of a sudden all the money problems start knocking your door.

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