I Thought More Money Will Solve My Problem But Then I Was Thrilled

I got my first job in 2007.

My salary was less & I was going through a lot of financial problems.

I believed that if I earned a little more, all my financial problems will be solved.

Right now, in 2017, I am getting ten times the money I was getting in 2007.

I am still suffering from financial problems & I still believe that if I earned a little more, all my financial problems will be solved.

There is a strange correlation between my salary & my financial problems – They seem to grow together.

Over a period of 10 years, I have accumulated debt to unprecedented levels. Interestingly, my salary is also at unprecedented levels.

I am unable to understand the mathematics of it. Isn’t increase in salary supposed to solve all my problems? But, what I am experiencing is exactly opposite.

My problems are increasing with my salary.

I am living in a state of constant financial dearth.

All my attempts to increase my income ended in increasing my debt.


I tried to make a lot of money through the stock market. I made a lot of money initially, but finally lost all of it.

It happened many times over the span of a decade.

I was always impatient with success. That’s the reason I could never stick to a single blog.

The truth is that, if I continued writing on the first blog that I owned, I would have been financially free by now.

Financial freedom has always been my dream, but unknowingly, I have always done things that sabotage it.

But then I had an enlightening moment

“Getting out of debt has nothing to do with earning more money.”

My salary has been increasing every year & I so has my debt.

I realized that money can’t solve my problem.

The only thing that can solve the problem is the one that has created it in the first place.

That’s me.

Yes, all these years, I have been blaming lack of money to be the source of all my financial problems. But, now I realize that it’s me.

My income has increased ten folds in the last 10 years but I have not. I’m still the same person who does not know how to handle money & life.

Right now I have a debt that is 30 times my net income. How do I beat this giant of a debt?

david vs goliath

I will have to apply David’s strategy to beat Goliath

What I am trying to achieve is like mission impossible. But I am determined not to get slaughtered so I will give it my best shot. I will adopt David’s strategy.

Become Fearless

The first step is to become fearless. If I am scared, then I have already lost the battle.

Choose My Weapon

My income is not my weapon. My brain is.

Act Fast

I’m gonna get it, before it gets me.

Have Faith in God

God’s grace was upon David. That’s why he was brave like a lion. He believed that he could beat Goliath. His faith in the true God was the source of such belief.

But, faith without work is fruitless.

Leading a life that is good in the eyes of the LORD helps you from making the wrong decisions in life. You may not realize it but these wrong decisions indirectly affect you financially – because that’s where it hurts the most.

A selfish person believes in the scarcity of life. Whereas a generous person believes in the abundance of life.

Be a generous person.


I told you about my problems and how I intend to solve it. I will work on it and let you know how it ended for me.

I will explain to you, the steps I took, in detail so that you may be able to apply the same in your life.

Thanks for reading.

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