I lost myself a long time ago.

Do you ever feel that you lost yourself a long time ago. And you don’t even remember the why, when and how of it. Or, maybe, if you rewind your thoughts you’ll be able to reach that particular point in life when you put your first step in the wrong track, never knowing how far this will take you from yourself.

I lost myself a long time ago. I don’t find peace with myself anymore. I am a blogger and I am supposed to be the expert here, who has all the answers. But, I will be true to you. I am lost and I have no idea how to get back to myself.

I always used to think that finding success was all I ever needed to find in life. However, now I do realize that success is fleeting and it never is a destination in itself. And the desire for success is insatiable. No sooner than you achieve a milestone, you desire to hit the next one.

I have been running in circles. I work hard but I don’t reach anywhere. And the pathetic part is that, all the while running in circles, I believed that I will reach my destination.

But now I realize that I have been chasing the wrong dreams all these years. And wrong dreams never lead you to right destinations.

 So, what do I want now?

I want peace.

An all encompassing peace. I want peace in the work I do. I want peace in way I live and I want peace in the efforts I make to maintain the peace, once I find it.

I am not after millions of dollars. I just want peace. Should it be very difficult to find?

I don’t know. I just don’t want to run in circles anymore. I want to break out of this track. I want to enter into the unexplored path that leads to an unknown jungle.

Maybe I will find peace there. And maybe, I’ll be able to find myself then.

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