How To Live A Happy Life

We all want to live a happy life. We all have a personal definition of happiness. For most of us happiness comes after achieving certain things.We have made happiness a function of certain achievements in life.

Some have associated it with more money. For some losing a few pounds will lead to happiness. Some try to find happiness in a relationship. Some say that happiness is becoming satisfied with whatever you have.

I’ll solve your problem & help you find happiness in three steps:

Step 1 : Find your definition of a happy life

Step 2 : Take out all those things from your life that bring unhappiness

Step 3 : Work towards those things that are ingredients of your happy life.

What’s your definition of a happy life

It’s very important to find an answer to this question. But, before you try to figure out let me give some hints.

  • Don’t try to associate happiness with more money
  • Don’t try to associate with a certain body weight
  • Don’t associate it with finding love with a particular person
  • Don’t associate it with your career goals
  • Don’t associate it with how your boss treats you
  • Don’t associate it with something which could only be found in future
  • Don’t associate it with stuffs you can’t do anything about

Why you shouldn’t associate happiness with money

I was unhappy when I was earning little money. I was still unhappy when I was earning 10 times more. I thought earning more money will fix my problems. But, it seems that it was not money that was causing me unhappiness. It was the job that I was doing.

Why you shouldn’t associate happiness with body weight

Because, you can lose body weight. It is in your control. Many people have done it and it’s not rocket science.

It takes lots of hard work and discipline though. However, the fact remains that things are in your control. And as long as things are in your control, you don’t have any reason to remain unhappy.

Why you shouldn’t associate it with finding love with a certain person

First, don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t understand your love. There are many in this world who will. So, just let go that person.

However, if that person happens to be someone who is very important to your life whom you just can’t let go, then there is one thing you need to understand – If he is not understand you, then he doesn’t deserve you. So, just let that person go.

Why you shouldn’t associate it with something that could be found only in future

Because, that’s a sure recipe for perennial unhappiness. You will become a dog who is chasing his own shadow. Technically it is impossible.

You see it’s not a happiness problem. It’s a psychological problem. It will become your habit of associating happiness with things that can only happen in the future.

Say, you happen to be lucky and that particular thing happens that’s supposed to give you happiness. What happens next? Will you be happy forever after that?

Nope my friend.

You’ll find a new happiness target your yourself. And your life will continue this way. Forever seeking for happiness.

Why you shouldn’t associate it with something you have no control on

Why wasting your time on stuffs upon which you have no control. Better channelize your energy on things that you can control.

If you believe in God, its better to hand over those things to Him. Let Him take care of the things you can’t handle.

Now, coming back to the original question.

What’s your definition of a happy life?

Let me help you out, by sharing with you my definition.

For me, a happy life is one that has the following ingredients:

  • A life surrounded by my loved ones
  • A life that’s pleasing in the eyes of The LORD
  • A life in which I spend my time doing things that I love
  • A life in which I help others
  • A life in which I grow to be a better person

You see it’s so easy. You can start living a happy life from today itself. However, there is a catch – you need to take out things from your life that bring unhappiness.

Take out things from your life that bring unhappiness

As you just saw, happiness in within reach. However, there are certain things in our lives that suck out the happiness from it.

Let me give you a few examples of such happiness suckers:

  • A nagging boss
  • A job in which you’re not happy
  • A toxic relationship
  • Lack of money to meet you day to day needs
  • A circle of people who keep on judging you
  • Comparing yourself with others

If you’ve a nagging boss. Change your job immediately.

If you have a job that you don’t like, then quit that job and find another one. If you want to quit the 9-5 job lifestyle, then follow this guide.

If you’re in a toxic relationship, just end it.

If you lack money to meet your day to day needs, start reading personal finance books and learn to save first before you eat.

If you’re in a circle of people who make you feel bad, just leave that circle and find a new fellowship that understands you and is gentle.

And finally stop comparing yourself with others. You’re a limited edition. There is no one like you. There was no one ever like you and there will never be anyone like you. You’re different. You can never be like everyone.

There are things that you can become which others can’t. Start working on becoming that thing.

Start working on those ingredients that make you happy

Start doings things from today itself that form a part of your happy life.

You want to lead a life that’s pleasing in the eyes of The LORD? Start reading bible and try to help those who are in need.

You want to pursue your desire for painting? Go to the shop nearby and buy yourself a canvas, paint brushes, colors etc. and start painting today itself.

In short, just do that stuff that makes you happy. Don’t wait for certain things to happen before you start doing things that you love. It is by doing these thing, that you love, you’ll find happiness.


Everybody has a right to happiness. Let no one deceive you into believing that you can’t have happiness.

First of all define what would be an ideal happy life to you. Then take out all the toxic things from your life. Finally, start working on the things that are important for your happy life.

Happiness will result as soon as you start working on the things that are ingredients of a happy life for you. The third and final step is the one which will give you happiness. And see, the final step is the one that is called life – A Happy Life.

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