Lessons to learn from your money problems

You’re working on something big. It will, probably, take an year before showing any results. You are determined to give your best and not to get swayed away for the low hanging fruits. You have decided not to compromise on your commitment. This project demands your undivided attention. And you’re doing good actually, when all of a sudden all the money problems start knocking your door.

You don’t know what to do. Should you continue on your project or should you start looking for some freelancing stuffs so that you can take care of the money problems? Or, should you abandon the project and pick something else that can give you quick results?

When life is trying to teach you a lesson

This has happened so many times in my life that I have lost count of it. But I do remember the effects though.

Each time, I’ve abandoned a project, I have regretted it. Had I stuck to even just one of the them long enough, the story would have been different. I could have quit my job long long ago.

However, there is something funny and mysterious about life. It keeps on trying to teach you lessons until you learn from them. It teaches you by throwing you into similar situations time and again. The situations might not be exact from each other, but in all cases they will test your inner stuff.

It will place choices in front of you. One of them will seem like to ease your pain by offering a quick solution, while the other one will demand patience and long-suffering. If you choose the first one, then be prepared to get ditched and face another monetary test in life.

However, if you happen to choose the second option that looks for long-suffering, then you’ve learnt the lesson & life will no longer put you into similar situations.

It seems I haven’t learnt my lessons yet. That’s why life is still throwing the same tests in front of me. That’s why I still have the tendency to give up on my current project and jump for the low hanging fruits that entice me to make quick money.

However, this time I have decided to get done with this test once and forever. I am no longer going to choose the easy way that would lead me to a hole. I am going to choose the one that require long-suffering.

Money tests bring out the best & worst in a man

Money is such a wonderful thing. Its one of those rare things that can bring out the true self of a person.

It, inherently, doesn’t make a person good or bad. It just happens to bring out the true self of a person in to bright light.

The desire for money and the lack of it can make people go nuts. Life offers money problems in the lives of each and every one. Those who succumb to the problems never amount to much in their lives. However those who overcome them, move on to become the real achievers in life.

Money never troubles them (the real achievers) again in life.


Do not fall for the trap. Stick to your original plan. The long-suffering route will take lots of patience and time but it won’t betray you.

However, if you fall for the quick enticement, you’re bound to pay the price of becoming a fool and hence, must face the test again. This will create a vicious circle & you will have to make choices. All this is going to happen till the moment you make the right choice.

Therefore, my advice is this – Make the right choice. Choose the long-suffering route.

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