How To Teach Your Child About Jesus

My daughter is five years old. She doesn’t yet understand the concept of God. However she knows about Jesus.

She knows that Jesus gives things when we pray. She knows that we should pray. And she knows that Jesus is good.

What should we tell our child about Jesus

Following are a few things that we should teach our children about Jesus:

  • He loves children
  • He protects our family
  • He provides for our family
  • He is the head of our family
  • Though we cannot see Him but He is everywhere, seeing every thing
  • He helps when we ask for help
  • He gives when we ask
  • And we should ask for forgiveness when we do something wrong

Jesus Loves Children

Love is the most important thing that should be taught to children about Jesus. We should tell our child regularly that Jesus loves him/her.

I regularly tell my daughter that Jesus loves her.

Once, I asked my daughter – “Siyona. Why does Jesus love you?”

She paused for a while. Thought about my question and then answered.

“Because I am good?”

I smiled and said – “Yes.”

See, I did not try to impose my Bible knowledge on her. I did not tell her that no one is good enough to deserve the love of Jesus. I just said “yes”. I said it because that would inspire her to believe that Jesus wants her to be good.

We should teach our children to have a personal relationship with Jesus. We should encourage them to have conversations with Jesus. It is not necessary that children should speak with Jesus only when they are praying. They should be encouraged to speak with Jesus anytime they feel like.

Jesus is everywhere

Children need protection & they should have this feeling that there is someone who is there to protect them no matter how difficult the situation is.

We as parents love our children the most. However, we are not omnipresent. Hence, we should teach our children to call out Jesus for help whenever they are scared.

We must also teach them that Jesus always helps whenever we call Him for help. We can do this by sharing real life stories of other people, or from our personal experiences or from the Bible.

We must teach our kids to pray

Prayer is one of the most important things a christian should be doing. Prayer brings us closer to The Lord. We should teach our children to pray to The Lord.

It is not important that the child should understand the Trinity concept here. The Lord & Jesus are one. Let it be so for the child. When the child grows up she can read the bible for herself. And then she will ask you questions about God, Holy Spirit & Jesus. Then you may explain her about the Trinity concept.


Our children believe us. We have a very important responsibility. We should speak carefully in front of our children. We should never speak anything that questions the love of Jesus.

Your child sees Jesus through your eyes. You better keep your eyes clean.

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