How To Learn HTML

If you want to build websites then you’ll have to learn HTML. HTML is the DNA of websites. Just as it is impossible for a human being to exist without DNA, similarly it is impossible for a website to exist without HTML.

However, the good news is that you can learn HTML in a short span of time & you can master it easily. If I were to give you a time frame it would be this:

  • 1 week to learn the basics of HTML
  • 1 month to master HTML

How to learn HTML

Learning HTML consists of 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 : Learning the basics of HTML
  • Stage 2 : Getting deeper into HTML
  • Stage 3 : Mastering HTML

Stage 1 : Learning the basics of HTML

The best place to learn ┬áthe basics of HTML is At w3schools, you will learn HTML chapter wise. And while you’d be learning you will be able to test your code on the site itself. The site has a built in interface, which lets you see how your code will look on a browser. Isn’t that awesome?

Following are a few things that you will learn there:

  • How to write a headline in HTML
  • How to create a paragraph
  • How to put links on the webpage
  • How to insert an image
  • How to create bullet lists
  • How to format texts
  • How to create tables, etc

By the time you complete the course, you’ll be able to create a full-fledged website.

Stage 2 : Getting Deeper into HTML

For getting deeper into HTML you’ll need to read The Definitive Guide To HTML.

How to learn HTML

It is, literally, the definitive guide. After reading this, theoretically, you’ll become the master of HTML. However, reading this alone is not going to help.

You’ll need to practice the stuff you read here.

Stage 3 : Mastering HTML

Now comes the interesting part – mastering HTML.

If you want to master HTML, then practice coding with your text editor. If you use windows operating system use Notepad.

Open a notepad, type some HTML codes & then save it with “.html” extension. You will see that a new webpage has been created on your desktop (if you saved it on your desktop). If you click to open this webpage, it will open in your default browser. Then you will be able to see your HTML coding in action.

This is how I mastered HTML.

Today, with the help of just a notepad I can build an awesome & beautiful website. And, if you work hard, you too will be able to.


HTML is the most important web development skill. Without the knowledge of HTML all other skills like PHP, CSS, Javascript etc. are useless. So, give HTML you best shot & don’t just learn it – Master it.

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