How To Get Traffic in 2017

Ten years ago, building traffic to your blog was cake walk. Now, it’s like walking on red hot coals. It burns and the walking becomes very difficult. The problem aggravates if you’re just counting on Google to help you out.

Like most bloggers, if you too depend on just one source of traffic, then you’re building a sand castle on a beach which could be wiped any day when the tide changes. And we all know that tides change.

Why depending on just one source of traffic could be dangerous

Most blogger’s favorite source of traffic is Google. Because, it’s reliable (really?).

Google ate the traffic of overnight with it’s rich snippets. Facebook strangled the traffic of with it’s algorithm change.

To you it may seem just like another news but for the victims it was questioning the basic survival. Many bloggers depend on Google and Facebook for their bread and butter. Such dependence could be catastrophic.

Build multiple sources of traffic

You should have at least three sources of traffic. Depending upon your niche it could be a combination of any of the following:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Email, etc.

Google for traffic

Take care of your on-page seo. Write excellent content. Link out to other relevant sites. Let influencers know about your awesome content. And Google will take care of the rest. And one more thing – don’t get involved in any kind of link schemes.

Over a period of time, Google will definitely become one of the top sources of traffic to your blog. However, it’s the other sources you need to work upon from day one.

Facebook for traffic

Build a fanpage and share engaging content. Over a period of time, you would have gained a lot of likes. Though organic reach is declining on facebook, nevertheless this will get you lots of free traffic.

Twitter for traffic

You need to have lots of followers. But no body starts with lots of followers from day one. You need to build them gradually. But, once you have a substantial followers base, getting traffic would be as easy as sharing a tweet.

LinkedIn for traffic

It is perhaps the most feared source of traffic. Feared because people don’t know how to get traffic from LinkedIn.

I’ll share a trick with you.

Contribute regularly to pulse.

Yes, that one works. There are people who have gained a million followers just by writing on pulse.

Pinterest for traffic

Pinterest is the most misunderstood of them all.

Let me be clear to you – Pinterest is not just for women. Men hangout there as well.

Many people’s major source of traffic is Pinterest. If you want to get a deluge of traffic from Pinterest, then you’ll have to create interesting boards and pin stuff regularly.

Email for traffic

Email can bring you lots of traffic, but that’s not the purpose of email. So, you must not abuse it. However, when John Chow was banned from Google, his email list saved him.

Building an email list should be your priority from day one.


I know that concentrating on more than one source of traffic is really difficult. But, we all know that the bar has been raised. If you do what all are doing then, you’ll get results that all are getting.

The secret of successful blogging is doing this people don’t dare to do.

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