How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us

If you can build a machine that understands humans then how could it be of any benefit to humans?

We all want to build a super-intelligent machine, but why do we want to build it in the first place? If you want answers to your questions you could ask it to any human. Why would you bother asking it to an AI. Maybe there could be some questions that humans can’t answer. Or, maybe there are certain questions that you can’t ask another human.

What is the purpose of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The purpose of an AI should be to help humans. An AI shouldn’t be more intelligent than a human. Thought it would be of benefit if it is faster.

Can an AI meet the psychological needs of a human being? It depends on the psychological level of the person. But just consider a situation in which you are feeling depressed and the AI reads out to you an inspiring quote. I think that would be a kind of psychological help. The AI may not necessarily give you counselling like psychiatrist, but it can light up your mood.

Niche based Artificial Intelligence

General intelligence is very difficult to built and I am unable to foresee what could be it’s purpose. However, niche based AI seems to hold a promise of benefits.

If the AI is intelligent in a particular field, then life could become a lot easier for most of us. We have millions of questions in us. We need all these questions answered. And the best we have right now is Google. However, Google does not answer our questions. It just provides us with a list of answers. It then becomes our duty to find the answer that would suit us. This takes a lot of time and even after spending so much time we may not get the right answer.

How about an AI that would give you straight answers to your questions instead of referring to you millions of URLs. It would be like interacting with a being. It would make you feel as if you’re consulting an expert.

People who are going through a difficult phase in their lives need such type of consulting. They do not have the patience to read long articles on the internet. They need someone to talk to. And unfortunately, most people around us are not equipped to help us.

It would be really helpful if an interactive AI can counsel the subject under such circumstances.

Imagine a situation in which a 14 year old girl is going through sexual molestation in her school but is too scared and embarrassed to share it with anyone. Maybe she can share it with her best friend who, too would be of the same age. Chances are that she will not get the right advice from her best friend.

On the other hand, if she has access to an AI, that specializes at dealing with problems related to children, then her life could be saved. These days, we all use Google. Even children below age 5 use Google. It’s time we needed an AI to deal with personal problems.

AI can become your trusted guide

Wisdom comes with experience. In the tech world big data can be programmed to create something very similar to experience.

Depending on the situation you’re going through in your present life, big data could be used to predict where you would end up if the present circumstances continue. And, it could also help us by giving us suggestions as to how we could get out of the difficult situation we find ourselves in.

People, these days, no longer confide in their friends. They confide in Google. The following are some of the examples.

My girlfriend is cheating me. Should I kill her?

I want to commit suicide. I hate myself.

Life has become meaningless to me.

Unfaithfulness is eating me from within. I don’t want to live anymore.

We all know that a search engine can’t be of much help in such situations. The person typing these things in the Google search box needs expert counselling. But, unfortunately, there is nothing in this world right now that can give expert counselling immediately (while allowing the person in need to maintain his anonymity).


There are lots of ways in which Artificial Intelligence can help us. I just provided an example of the possible. We are far away from building AI machines that would have emotions but we are certainly not too far from building something that can give expert counselling.

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