What to do when your hard work is not bringing results

This has happened many a times with me while building websites. I work day and night on a website & then wait for the flood of traffic. But nothing happens.

Not even a single soul comes to my site.

I get disheartened and quit.

A few months later when I check Google Analytics, I see that a lot of people are coming to my site through Google Search.

Hard work pays but not necessarily according to your watch

Years ago, I started a personal finance blog. I used to write awesome articles on it each and every day. And I used to check Google Analytics each day as well. You guessed it right – it disappointed me. No one used to come to my site.

After a couple of months, I quit writing and went on vacation.

I forgot about my site for quite a long period of time.

Then one day I logged into my Google account to check the traffic & it blew my mind.

It was not a flood of traffic but it was beyond my imagination.

The traffic did not show up when I wanted it. I did not show up when I needed it. I showed up in its time.

 You cannot time your results

I did the hard work. But I did not see the results immediately. It took time.

Look, you’re working really hard & you’re unable to see results. But this does not mean that you’ll never see them.

You will see the results when the time comes. Till then just do what you can do.

Not all things are in your hands. So, give your best shot for those things that are in your control. I used to write good articles, regularly on my blog each and every day. My hard work paid off.

I understand the need of motivation. Immediate results give you the much needed motivation. But let me make one thing clear – Breakthroughs happen when you keep on pushing no matter how depressing the entire scenario is.

I you keep on working hard, even in the most depression situations, then you’re on the path of becoming a legend.

And legends do not need motivation.

They know that they will make it. They do not doubt their efforts.

So, if you’re unable to see immediate results from your efforts, don’t think that your hard work became futile.

Keep on working hard. A time will come when you will be unable to believe your eyes. It has happened to me and there is no reason why the same should not happen to you.

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