How To Follow Your Passion While Surviving a Job You Hate

You want to follow your passion but your day job tires so so much that you hardly get any time or energy for your passion. Day and night you keep saying yourself just one thing:

This job is stopping me from pursuing my passion. I can’t quit it because I need money & I can’t continue with it because I hate it. What should I do?

Don’t worry, I understand how that one feels & that’s why I have a solution for you.

Your job is playing an important role in following your passion

You want to pursue your passion & certainly no one is stopping you from pursuing it. Then why are you cursing your job? Is it because of the following reasons:

  • You hate your job, yet you’re forced to do it for the paycheck
  • You feel like a slave of your job – It feels like domination
  • You think that your job takes all the time that your passion deserves
  • You think that your job takes all the energy that your passion deserves

Now, I understand that you hate your job. I also understand that it takes all the time that your passion deserves. I also understand that you feel like a slave of your job and this kind of feeling can really be very depressing.

Nevertheless, I want to show you somethings from a different perspective. And this will begin with a few questions?

  • Can your passion feed you and your family right now?
  • Can your passion pay for your daughter’s school fees?
  • Can your passion pay for your house rent?
  • Can your passion pay for the electricity bills?
  • Can your passion pay for your vacations?

If your answer to any of the above mentioned questions is a “No” , then you need to understand that you need a job, until the “No” becomes “Yes”.

If you hate your current job, then change the job. If your current boss is making your life miserable, then change your job. But, you need to understand the fact that you need a job.

You just can’t expect to get money for doing nothing. You’ll have to get a job until the moment you start making money from your passion.

Let me be frank with you – You’re gonna hate each and every job eventually. That’s because your job, no matter how sweet it is, will take the time, attention & energy that could have been devoted to your passion. So better choose one that  you can tolerate despite the hatred.

Your job looks like your enemy but it’s not

“Not everyone whom you fight is your enemy. Not everyone who helps you is your friend.”

Those are the words of the great boxer Muhammad Ali.

In your case, you are fighting with your job, but you need to understand that it’s not your enemy. It’s not your friend either. It’s something you need, until you don’t need it.

Are you supposed to hate the stuff you need? After all your job did not choose you. You chose your job. You’re free to leave the job anytime you want, nevertheless you stick to it.


Because you need it.

Remember, your job doesn’t need you. You need it. If you quit it, your the company will find someone else to do the job.

I am not asking you to love your job, that kind of suggestion would be insane. I am asking you to understand the fact, that your job is something you need to pursue your passion.

A time will come when your passion will be making sufficient money. At that time you’ll not need your job. However, that will take some time. Till then your regular paycheck will keep you alive and help you keep your mind calm to enable you to concentrate on your passion.

If while pursuing your passion, your mind keeps on thinking about how to put food on the table or about how to pay your daughter’s school fees, then you would never be able to do justice to your passion.

You job is acting like an electrical fuse in your life. So that your life doesn’t get short circuited from the high voltage financial tensions. Remember, the fuse burns itself to help the house. Similarly, your job bears all the anger you throw upon it, nevertheless it’s only aim is to save you from the high voltage financial tensions that could destroy your life and family.

Do you still hate your job?

I think, now you hate it a little bit less.

You’re not the slave of your job

Most of us hate our jobs because we feel being controlled by our jobs. But that’s not true. Your job can not control you. You’re the one who is living under this illusion.

Your job has not made you its slave. You’re the one who feels like being chained. A slave is not allowed to let free. But, you’re allowed to free yourself anytime you wish. All you have to do is hand over your resignation letter to your boss. But, you wouldn’t do that, because you need your job.

You see this is not a slave-master relationship. It is a need based relationship. And, need based relationships expire when the need expires.

You think about yourself as a helpless being who is being controlled by things. Because things don’t control human beings. If there is any weakness, it doesn’t come from the job. It comes from within you.

You applied for the job and you got it. You earned it. You won it. You’re the winner. So how can the winner be controlled. Or have you forgotten the fact that you’re, actually, a winner?

Remember your job is not controlling you. You’re controlling your job, because it can’t fire you, on whims, but you can quit it anytime you wish.

How to follow your passion despite tiredness and time constraints

You’re probably working 8-12 hours on your job everyday. That leaves you with 12-16 hours.

I know you’re about to say that you need time to sleep and family as well. Yet, I see that you can still find 3-4 hours per day for your passion & an entire day or two at the weekend.

Let me tell you a secret. If you work on your passion every day for at least 6 months, it is bound to make you money. All you have to do, is give at least 2 hours per day to your passion. If you can give more than that, then you’re awesome.

People devote less than two hours to their blogs, yet after some time, their blogs manage to earn enough money to replace their jobs.

Blogging may not be your passion. It might be something else. Nevertheless, the theory holds true.

So, time is no longer a constraint now.

What about tiredness?

I will give you a solution for that. This is actually, what I use.

After returning from your job, take a short nap of around 30 minutes. Wake up and then take a shower. You’ll forget tiredness after this.

Look, tiredness & time , both have been taken care of. Now, you’re free to pursue your passion.

Bonus Strategy

If possible, take a nap during your job hours. And if the environment permits you, work on your passion during the job hours as well. You can’t do so, if you’re a painter. But you can certainly read about stuffs related to painting or at least you can gather some ideas.

Look, I am not a painter so I can’t suggest you enough. My job is to let you think about the possibilities.


When you realize that you job is actually a stepping stone to your destination, you’ll hate it a lot less.

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