Finish Up All Your Pending Jobs

A time will come in your life, when you’ll find a lot of jobs pending. You’ll also notice that during this time there will be a kind of uneasiness around you. You’ll as if something is not right. You might also find that life is getting too tough on you.

What should you do under such circumstances?

You must start by finishing up all your pending jobs.

How to finish all the pending jobs

The first step is to make a list of all the jobs that are pending. Once, you’ve prepared the list, hang it on a wall, so that you can see it each day.

After this, start completing the jobs one by one. And each time, you complete a job, strike that one off the list. This way you’ll be able to see your progress. Each time you strike an item off you will feel a magical experience.

It will feel as if a burden has been lifted. And you will feel a bit relaxed and lighter.

If you don’t start tackling them one by one, they will mess up with your head and will make your life miserable. Never let them pile up. Because they are not just jobs piling up, they are tensions piling up. The higher the pile the worse it can make your life.

Tackle them one by one

You’ll not be able to finish them all in just one day. You must tackle them one by one. Do not get overwhelmed by the list. They are not supposed to be completed in a short time. They are supposed to be addressed one by one.

There’s lot of power in finishing tasks one by one. It works like compound interest. After each task, your brain gets a high, and this high gets compounded each time a task is done and is struck off from the list.

Once you get used to this , you’ll become unstoppable.

Gradually you’ll see that you have conquered all the jobs. There is no item left on the list that needs to be done.

Create a new list

Till now we were discussing job that were compulsory. These were jobs like paying the bills, filing a tax return, repairing your car, etc. Now, we will concentrate on things that would enrich our lives.

What about a list like the following:

  • Creating a piggy bank to finance your next vacation
  • Painting a wall with your spouse
  • Getting a new pair of shorts for yourself
  • Preparing for your first 10K
  • Reading a new book
  • A weekend holiday trip

These are the things that will bring happiness in your life. But we are all so much consumed by the headaches of life that we don’t get time to concentrate on things that bring happiness.

How to build a list of happiness

There are generally two things that bring happiness in our lives:

  • Healthy Relationships , &
  • Personal growth

Hence, your list should address the needs of the above two things.

Under healthy relationships you should focus on the following things:

  • Relationship with your spouse
  • Relationship with your children
  • Relationship with your parents
  • Relationship with your friends

Under personal growth you should focus on the following things:

  • Your health – Nutrition, exercise etc.
  • Connection with God (If you believe in God)
  • Feeding your mind with good books
  • Dressing well


I have personally tested the above things. They worked for me & I find no reason as to why they wouldn’t work for you.

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