What To Do When Your Efforts Are Taking Too Long To Bear Fruits

You have been working on it for quite a long time and all this hard work has burned you from within.

You’ve already spent hundreds of hours but you fail to see even a drop of success.

You begin to question the sanity of your pursuit.

It almost makes you to give up.

And that’s the reason why most people in this world never achieve anything extraordinary.

They give up too early. I am no one to accuse because I am guilty as well. I have created several sites in my life and, except one, quit on all of them.


I was too impatient to wait for the results.

In several cases I quit even though the site was showing results, because the results were not as spectacular as were my expectations from them.

All this happened because I was ignorant about the law of exponential curve.

Extraordinary pursuits follow an exponential curve

exponential curve of success

Most, worthy, pursuits follow a curve like the one shown above.

You won’t see any results during the initial days. Doubts might creep into you brain, questioning the worthiness of your efforts.

However, the truth is that most endeavors follow the curve shown above.

The most hard work is done in the initial period but almost no outcome is observed. It is extremely demoralizing. Such pursuits are not for the faint-hearted.

Do you have the courage to work hundreds of hours without seeing a trace of success?

If your answer is Yes, then you’re have the genes of a legend.

If you answer is No, then there is nothing to feel ashamed of. You’re just one of the billions of ordinary people out there. You’re simply not designed for extraordinary acts.

However, I would like to mention one more thing:

Courage is not a trait. It’s a choice. It’s a decision.

No one is born courageous. We are all born timid. Courage is something we choose to exercise. And the more we exercise it, the more courageous we become.

I’ll tell you a mini story to explain this one.

My daughter used to be very scared of ants. Event the sight of the smallest ant would scare the hell out of her.

She wouldn’t enter a room if saw even a single ant roaming around. 

However, one day she gathered the courage & crushed one of those with her feet. 

Now she is not even scared of the large back ants. She crushes them with her bare feet when they pose a threat to her.

Courage was required the first time only. From then onward it just became a part of nature.

We know that courage is not absence of fear. It’s acting, inspire of fear.

Be courageous for just one time in life

If you are building something, then just don’t give up yet. Work hard on it, relentlessly for the next one year. Don’t expect even a drop of success to trickle down. Remember the exponential  curve.

The initial days will be fruitless. But after a particular point of time, success will shoot beyond the outer atmosphere.

If it is a website you’re building, then you wouldn’t see even a single visitor landing on your site. However they begin you come, your servers wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic load. You’ll have to upgrade your servers overnight.

But for that to happen, you’ll need to have faith in your work. Extraordinary things are not built in just a couple of months. They take time. Sometimes one year & sometimes five years. But when they rise, you will not be able to see the limits they reach.

Believe in the power of the exponential curve. Not everyone is able to work under the pressures of an exponential curve.

If you are dreaming of building something awesome, then you must be prepared to bear the initial days of bone-breaking hard work, excruciating loneliness & an immortal hope.

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