Where exactly did I go wrong?

I don’t even remember how many times it has happened. I open up my WordPress dashboard to write an article but I don’t have any idea, what I want to write about. It’s just that I want to write something. Today is one such day.

Generally, it happens that write the headline (Title) of my article first and then continue with the body of the article. But, today, I begin with the body first and as I progress, I would come up with the title.

But why am I doing this?

Why do I have to write something, when I don’t even know what I want to write? Maybe, because I think that would make me feel good. Or, maybe, because I think that doing this regularly (writing regularly) would make my life better.

Or, maybe I think my life would have been better, had I continued writing on my blog regularly when I first started it.

It’s a more of a decision made by feelings than by my mind. I am writing this one, because I feel that I should write.

Maybe, no one will ever read this article. No problem with that. I have to write & that’s why I am writing.

A fact about life

I have found that nothing worthy comes in life without striving for it. It’s never going to happen that you wake up, one fine morning, and see all your dreams come true.

In fact it will take several days of hard work even before you realize one percent of your dream coming true. You will have to stick to it long enough to doubt the entire effort before you even see an inkling of hope.

I have quit many a projects in my life, because I believed in the opposite. I used to think that you can get success in just a few months. And that thinking has been the cause of all my troubles.

Had, I known earlier that my life would have been entirely different right now.

So, where did I go wrong?


I stopped believing in my projects when things took a bit longer than what I anticipated. I did not know then, that even the best projects in this world took years before becoming fruitful.

I discontinued them, believing that I was wrong in taking them up in the first place. I was so very wrong.

I regret my decisions now.

I realize that I should have stuck to my projects even during the toughest times. But I did not have that kind of wisdom back then.

Now I understand that things take time. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in life, you’ll have to give time to it. And not only that, you’ll have to work on it ceaselessly as well. Nothing worthy comes out without persistence.