How To Build A Useful Site That People Love

These days it’s getting very hard to find a site you would fall in love with. No doubt there are lots of great looking websites backed up by media moguls. However, they fail to win your hearts.

There are a few sites I am in love with. is one of them. I have learnt the following things from W3Schools:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Ajax
  • JQuery
  • SQL

W3Schools made it so easy to learn all these things. Even today, I refer to the site many a times.

A website should be useful enough to make you fall in love with it

How many sites do you find these days that are as useful as the one I mentioned above?

Most of sites are just trying to copy someone else. Most of the bloggers are just trying to copy some other blogger.

Even the personal blogs are missing the thing that is crucial to a personal blog – Personal Opinion.

If you’re reading a blog on SEO then it would be hard for you understand who the blogger is, because all sound like Neil Patel.

Neil is awesome (there’s no doubt about that), but what about you own voice? What about your own opinion?

Don’t tell me that there is nothing new to write about in SEO, because there are people like Nathan Gotch & Jason Acidre who provide stellar content with a personal voice.

In order to be successful, there are just two ways to start a blog:

  • Either make it super useful, or
  • Give it a strong personal voice

There is a blog called PsycholoCrazy, that has got a very strong personal voice. I love that blog however, unfortunately, the blog is no longer being updated. It’s really sad.

Why are people unable to start a useful blog

There used to be a time, when people wrote for the love of writing. However, today, bloggers write with the expectation of making money.

They don’t concentrate to make their site useful, they just concentrate to build an email list so that they could sell premium products later on to make a ton of money. There is, inherently, nothing wrong in making money from your site. But, money could also be made by making your site useful. And, in fact if your site is useful, you’ll end up making a lot more than what you’re making right now.

You can’t make a useful site by trying to copy someone else. That wouldn’t be an attempt to become useful. That would be an attempt to become someone else. I am not suggesting you to become someone else. I am asking you to become someone useful. If not for anyone else then just create something that would be useful to you.

If your blog makes you happy then it is being useful to you. If writing on your blog gives expression to the writer in you, then your blog is useful.

How to build a useful site

I am going to suggest you four ways to make your site useful.

1. Capitalize on your subject knowledge

A good start would be trying to do something you’re good at. If you’re just a beginner in SEO, then I don’t think you would be able to build a useful site on Search Engine Optimization. (The only way to create a useful site in this niche would to experiment and then publish your results on your site).

However, if you’re good in economics and love economics, then there is no doubt, you can build a very useful site in economics. The same holds true for subjects like Engineering, physics, maths, biology, management, programming, etc.

2. Use your experience

You must have learnt a lot of things in your job. You can teach the same on your blog. People have made immensely useful sites on topics like Microsoft Excel. Can you believe that?

3. Use your programming skills to make internet intelligent

Internet is a wonderful place. However it’s still far from being intelligent. It doesn’t yet understand the user. The most intelligent site that we have today is Google. Yet, google is far from being intelligent.

If you ask something from Google, it gives you a list of millions of site. Now, it becomes your job to select the one that suits you and then find the stuff that you need. It’s best attempt at becoming intelligent is providing rich snippets.

If you can built a site that is intelligent in at least a particular subject area, then that one would be one of the most useful sites in the world.

Can you build a site where a user can ask questions and get answers immediately. And not only that, can your site understand the intention of the user?

When you talk to your friend, your friend knows your intention. He can do that because he is intelligent. Can you build a machine that is intelligent like your friend?

I am not asking you to build something that is intelligent in all the areas. I am asking you to build a site that would be intelligent in just one area. For example, intelligent in handling divorce.

Can you build a chatbot that can counsel couples that are on the verge of divorce? And I think this can be done. Yet, I don’t find anything like that on the internet. The chatbots I find online are just stupid. They serve nothing worthy. The best they can do is pass a Turing test. Apart from that, they are of no use.

4. Build a website to help students

There’re lots of websites for adults, however, there is a dearth of websites for students. I see great opportunity there.

Students need help in lots of areas:

  • Understanding chapters
  • Preparing for exams
  • Creating projects
  • Preparing seminars
  • Preparing power point presentation

If you can build a site that addresses the above areas (even one of them), then that would be something I would call a useful site.

Such a site is bound to increase in traffic and hence earnings.

I have tried this thing & have found the results to be mind blowing.


If you can build a site, then why not build one that is useful. Why not build something that makes people fall in love with it.

Such a site will not just give you happiness, but also lots of money. I know that you can do it. You just needed a push in the right direction, which I just provided. All the best.

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