How To Become The Best Blogger in India

The target of becoming the best blogger is a bit subjective, because people have different criteria for judging that position:

  • How much traffic is coming to your site
  • How much money is your site making
  • How influential is your blog

The above is not an exhaustive list, however most blogs are judged on the basis of the above three criteria.

The road to becoming the best blogger in India

I have written this post keeping the Indian audience in mind. Hence, I’ll be saying a few things that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. That’s because most sites out there tell you how to become the best blogger in the world. I don’t say that their way is wrong. They are not at all wrong, however, their solution is a generalized one. And I am providing you with a solution that is tailor made for you.

Why to become the best blogger in India

Because India is huge. If you’re on Quora, you would have realized, already, how important Indians are for Quora. If all the Indians withdrew from Quora, it would become extremely boring & it’s traffic will take a nose dive.

We Indians underestimate ourselves a lot. And this is based on the following assumptions:

  • We think that building an American audience for our blog is better than building an Indian audience.
  • We think that Americans have more money than Indians.
  • We think that Indian blog readers do not buy information products.

Do, you know what? These are just assumptions.

Vishal Khandelwal, the blogger at Safal Niveshak makes money by selling his premium Stock Investing Course for Rs.14,500/- (plus taxes). And you know what? He is doing great.

Indians are buying a Rs.14,500 product – The dollar equivalent is $223. Do you still think that Indian’s do not buy information products?

Google India is making more than $1 Billion per year in revenues. Do you still think that you can’t make money with Indian audience? Well, Google doesn’t think that way.

And the other companies that don’t think that way are Facebook, Quora & rest of the giants.

The truth is that these companies have already figured out the real potential of India. And we Indians are still  underestimating ourselves.

You, my friend, are a lion who is unaware of his identity.

You are a lion

You’re a lion.

So, ROAR like a lion.

And claim what belongs to you.

Claim what belongs to you

How to become the king of Indian Blogging

To become the king of Indian blogging, you’ll have to write for Indians. Address the needs of Indians. However, we all are so much influenced by the American bloggers that, we forget who our target audience is.

We speak American English, we think American phrases & we believe that our audience is American as well.

America is a great nation – No doubt about that. But, the truth is that majority of your readership is from India. And India is a great nation as well.

No Indian can eat burger seven days a week. He will ask for dal and bhat ultimately.

No matter how much we try to sound & look American, we all are Indians from inside. Your blog needs to speak to the Indian living inside.

Address the needs of your Indian friends. There are lots of bloggers already there who are addressing the needs of American readers. However, by addressing the needs of Indian readers you’ll carve out a name for yourself.

Connect with other Indian Bloggers

Gone are the days when you could make it all alone. Now, you need the help of others as well.

I’ll tell you how to do this:

  • Step 1 : Read the blogs of other Indian bloggers
  • Step 2 : Leave meaningful comments on their posts
  • Step 3 : Email them and appreciate them for their work
  • Step 4 : Ask them to share your content if it could be helpful to their readers

This will explode your popularity.

Guest post on other popular Indian Blogs

If you want instant readership for your new blog, then there is no better way than Guest Blogging.

The purpose of guest blogging should not be to get a quick backlink. The purpose should be get their readers interested in you. So that they might come to your site & become your readers as well.

Guest blogging is extremely powerful, but it should be done carefully. Don’t guest blog if you have a mediocre article. That will not help. Do it, only when you have an awesome article to publish.

Capture the emails of your readers

I know, you have read this advice several times, so I will not write more on this. But one thing is for sure – It is very very important.

Once you get the email addresses, you’ll not have to depend on Google to get traffic. All you need next time, after writing a new article, is to sent an email blast to all the people on your email list & wait for the flood of traffic to come in.

This list could also be used to sell information products to your readers (Actually, that’s the main reason of building an email list).

Provide the kind of value that no one else provides

We are all tired of reading the same thing everywhere. We want to read something new. Something that really works.

That’s where you get in.

Can you provide something that will actually help your readers? Well, you can actually. You just need to work a bit more hard on creating something new rather than just copying articles from other blogs and rewriting them in your own words.

Your blog should be a unique brand. It shouldn’t look or sound like someone else. Just as the ROAR of each lion is different. So should be yours.


Blog for Indians and see the magic.

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