Hello! I am Jhasketan Garud. The name might seem a bit difficult to pronounce, so I’ll help you pronounce it :

Jhasketan = Jhas + ke + tan

I am an engineer by profession & I share the lessons I learn from life on this personal blog. Having dabbled in a lot of things from coding to spirituality , have come to realize that a person can learn a lot by trying out new things & that’s what happened with me too. I keep learning new things & that teaches me a lot about life.

People generally start a blog for a purpose. I started this one with a purpose too, but I still don’t know what that purpose is. May be my subconscious mind knows it but I am not yet able to comprehend it.

No, this site is not going to be about useless ramblings of a disgruntled engineer. I know your time is too precious to be wasted in reading that stuff & moreover I never kind of liked that stuff.

This site is not about opinions and theories. This is about things that have been tried out and the lessons learnt from those experiments, so that anyone else trying out those things can get a head start. So, that you may learn from my mistakes and not repeat them (however, I do believe that you should make your own mistakes).

I think I just tried to write the purpose of this site. Seems that site will get its purpose as I writing on it.